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About Us

7Eleven Carpet Cleaning Nollamara is a family-owned carpet cleaning business that offers prompt, safe, and efficient carpet cleaning across Nollamara. Detailed orientation and the habit of going the extra mile for customer security help us provide reliable services.

Our carpet cleaners don’t clean mattresses and vice versa. All these professionals specialize in cleaning different types and provide those services. No one replaces anyone because we believe in mastering one aspect instead of cleaning everything at once with common cleaners. That’s why we have specialist cleaners for each cleaning need.

We ensure 100% safety for you and your family with our green solutions and humane carpet cleaning treatments. Our team is well-trained and experienced to handle any carpet in Nollamara. Their dedication and passion can solve any carpet issue.

Vision | Mission | Values

Our mission is to make every household and commercial place clean. Clean carpets make humans mood pleasant and make home clean. The untidy carpet spread diseases, and make place unpleasant. We strive to eliminate these issues and make the world more hygienic and peaceful.

Our customer’s health and well-being is our top priority. We want them to live with clean carpet pleasantly. We can feel their pain and always offer quick yet efficient services. That’s not all, our carpet cleaners offer insightful prevention measures so you can prevent carpet damage and keep them at new forever.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Meet Our Team

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

Claire and Arthur Brown


Chaire and Arthur are a married couple who wanted their home carpets clean and fresh. At that time they realize it’s tougher to find a reliable carpet cleaning company. Therefore, together they established this company and provided several households and commercial places clean and fresh carpets. Their compassion and strategic thinking is the key to the company’s success.

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

James Graham

Customer Support Head

James has more than two decades of experience in communicating with customers and solving their issues. His patience and ability to understand others help us to offer tailored solutions. His team works 24/7 in shifts to offer clean carpet, carpet repair, carpet sanitization services.

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

Ella Irwin

Operation Head

Ella looks after day-to-day carpet cleaning schedules and similar operations. Our team is always occupied with appointments and yet we successfully operate emergency cases due to Ella’s top-notch management skills.

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

Daniel Jones

Logistics and Transport Head

Daniel is an experienced logistic manager who oversees carpet cleaning storage, pick-up, and drop of our carpet cleaners and keeps the tools upgraded. His responsible behavior and his team’s action-oriented work complete our treatments.

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

Matilda Lewis

Carpet Cleaning Team Head

Matilda has a PH.D. in cleaning services the local carpet cleaners team. She understands their needs and always strives to work on them. We believe in taking care of our carpet cleaners so they can care for you.

7eleven carpet cleaning about us

Company Milestones

We are happy and proud to declare our milestones and achievements over the last few years. We have grown by advancing our treatments and training. Here are the numbers that represent our current success:

  • We have cleaned carpets from more than 32,000 households and 22,000 industrial or commercial sites.
  • Among them, more than 95% of customers have rated us five stars.
  • We have a certified team of carpet cleaners. Each carpet cleaning department has over 50 carpet cleaners.

70% of our customers are from the references or our customers. They suggest our names to their families and friends, and we never fail to provide them with top-notch carpet cleaning solutions. Due to our honesty, dedication, and sheer professionalism, we have pride in our milestones.

+25Years Of Experience


+50Services Done Everyday

+200Team Members

Company Certifications

7Eleven Carpet Cleaning Nollamara believes in upgrading ourselves for the future. That’s why we are the most advanced carpet cleaning company in Australia with international certificates and modern machines. Here are the names of some of our certifications and training programs:


Certified by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI)


Certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI)

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